Book Release Event 27/11/22 – “Welcome to Latgale, my heart”

“How should I even start?” I had been asking before the livestream. My D-Day was coming by leaps and I could not believe that I should have presented my 1,5 years of work. I was raising so many questions and drilling my speech knowing I was not able to do so. I was nervous but on the other hand I had a firm belief I was prepared. The moment was coming.

18:55 – I turned the livestream on and I knew that there was no way back. People started joining, I was so nervous but I tried to hide it with a smile. I was slowly getting comfortable speaking into the digital world I did not see. I was narrating my journey but wondering what was the reaction of the people on the other side. I did not have any single feedback from the audience about the journey I was narrating. It was really strange.

The time for my guest came. Only one guest – Gabriela, the book cover designer could come. Suddenly I saw her smiling face and I realised that everything was going just all right! She was my saviour and the person who gave me enormous energy to continue. She delivered her speech and read the poem like a boss. I could not stop smiling but she had to go and it was again my one-man show. 

When reading the next pieces, I saw that the number of visitors falls down rapidly. I became nervous convinced that the reading part was boring. I tried to rush it to the last part – telling people what they could expect in December and the information about the book. The question time was coming and I was really afraid there would not be any questions.

Fortunately, many great questions were asked! I was so happy and excited to answer these questions. People were generally interested not only in my book but also the region. This has been my goal for the whole time – to promote the region. I repeated all the important information for the last time and clicked the red button.

I received couple of messages and calls congratulating me but also giving a feedback. Outstanding! Only like this I can improve! My feelings and thoughts were sort of suppressed. I felt excited but still in “the warrior mode.” I had a little online celebration with two closest friends. I had a beer and wanted to talk out all my feelings and thoughts. However, I could not express myself properly. It was all too fresh. 

I have not had the courage to watch the livestream as I am still afraid to do so. Perhaps, I am too strict on myself. The only thing I know is that it was a great life experience! I am so thankful for all the people who came and especially to all people who asked questions.

My journey has not ended but I want to end with the question: “What could be achieved with the first book?” Please help me spread the word – this region deserves it!

INSTAGRAM LIVESTREAM RECORDING: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CleXfGjgvdk/

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